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Post No 21. C1980’s when I was living in Leeds I became for a short while a member of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. Always seeking different images l had a specific location in mind along the line. Oakworth station where much of the acting for the well known film ” The Railway Children ” was done seemed a good choice.

I had a track pass and knew exactly where I needed to position myself to hopefully get a good shot with the train setting off from the station and through the open track gates. Compose the composition and let train start off uphill towards Haworth and steam into it.

Apart from the position of the locomotive and the carriage in relation to the rest of the pre-organised composition, my interest is in the atmospheric dynamism produced by the smoke and steam shot into the sky through the Locomotive’s chimney. This will provide the ” life ” to the picture.

For the non steam ” buffs ” 4 is the power classification of the engine and F denotes a freight engine.