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Blog Post No 105……….An early Spring view of the Dalesway alongside the river Wharfe. In this instance I think that this is downstream of Burnsall.

I rather like this COMPOSITION with it’s several elements of interest. So we will have a look at these. The main tree sits just nicely off centre giving it’s stretching presence, whilst the branches of another tree coming in from the left are closing off that side.

The sunlit grassy slope and area are neatly enclosed by the far wall and the poles in various stages of verticality alongside the near river bank, whilst the river itself is enhanced by the dark mass of the trees on the other side.

The bright red of the path slices diagonally across to the grass directing the gaze to the short wall and gate. Behind which the two walkers are approaching the gate to pass through. The conical fir trees give that critical added height.

There appears to be some kind of wooden structure leading into the water making me wonder about it’s past or present purpose.

I always like added interest !

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