Pete’s Paintings from Photos.
Post No 5 – From Photo to Painting
At play, Sandsend, Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Welcome everyone.
Having taken photos, as more than one may be necessary, maybe you have to revisit the scene at a later date to add more information.
Photos can vary in colour and clarity. It may be that the result is exactly as envisaged. Lucky you !
For some artists exact reproduction is their requirement.

However as an artist you have it in your power to interpret , change and create an image based upon, but quite different from that contained in the photo.
I paint using several differing styles and endeavour to create a work which is clearly a painting.
Pencil marks may still show through.
So think of the photo as a reference tool.


Looking at a photo does it SATISFY., is the COMPOSITION HARMONIOUS, Is there something missing, something that needs to be removed, added or altered. Is there anything extra needed to fill a space or add to give more interest.

Keep standing back and looking at your REVISED COMPOSITION as a “WHOLE” and not as separate elements.

However if you cannot make it work, save it for another day.

BE POSITIVE. Through your efforts you may well have learned something for your next picture.