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Blog Post No 36. Sandsend, within view of the pier at Whitby. On a warm sunny day like the one in the painting, a charming location for children to play and adults to relax. Another busy beach scene full of colour and activity.

An acrylic. A versatile medium as previously mentioned, fast drying and permanent. If varnished it has all the appearance of an oil. In this image mostly the paint has been applied thickly or in several layers. Only small areas have been covered in a watercolour consistency as in the yellow overpainting of the child’s shirt on the left, and of the light blue of the sky.

Whilst the foreground grouping of the children at play is a focus of activity, the man standing in the water draws the gaze upwards towards the opposite side of the stream and the colourful jumble of canvas screens.

The stonework of the sea wall takes the interest across to the distant cliffs and a glimpse of the sea. The man on the right taking the photo brings the focus back to the children playing in the foreground. The aforementioned child on the left in the yellow shirt and wearing the red cap prevents the gaze exiting left, whilst the man taking the photo, the standing child in front of him together with the man and child with spade in the mid distance provide the same function on the right.

Small details like the white post play an important part in the design, in this case continuing the verticality created by the standing characters.