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Blog Post No 88………..We have only been to Saltburn a couple of times but found it an interesting resort. The town is perched on the cliff top, connected to the sea front by a steep S bend road and a Victorian CLIFF LIFT.

The mechanism for operating this is ingenious, water power. Both cable cars are fitted with tanks, which fill with water at the top giving them weight to decend whilst at the same time pulling the other car up to the top.

The water from the cable car now at the bottom now disgorges it’s water, which is pumped up to the top to fill the tanks in that car which is now the heaviest. So the whole process can be repeated at Infinitum. Hope I haven’t bored you but I found it fascinating and ingenious !

Now at last to the picture. Having parked at the top, I just couldn’t resist taking this image.

An interesting and unusual COMPOSITION. I really liked the bright RED cable operator’s cabin, which I placed to the left, and the row of future passengers waiting at the railings and/ or looking at the sea.

Although imobile each figure has it’s own character, clothing and baggage for the day. The foreground pavement, the sea and sky all play their part. And the two pinnacles on the operator’s cabin are arranged just to poke into the sky area to link the several layers.

A glimpse of days at the seaside we used to have. Things will change and with patience and common sense we will get through to better times ahead. For he first time I am doing this sitting at a table in our camper in the drive warmed by the sun. This is within range of our internet connector just yards away in the hall. There is no connection to the gazebo, I’ve tried it !

Stay safe