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Blog Post No 41. It is many years since Rose and I plus dog travelled on the delightful Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway to commence a walk finishing at Muncaster Mill.

I have delayed writing about and posting this image because the name of the station we had started from had escaped me. And then on the television a few days ago appeared Sir Tony Robinson doing one of his series of walks which we watch and thoroughly enjoy. In this instance he was concentrating on Roman remains on his way from Penrith to Ravenglass. He travelled on the R & E R and alighted at IRTON ROAD station which I recognised immediately as the same starting point for the walk we had done years ago.

Staying at an excellent caravan site in Ravenglass we walked to the terminus station and boarded an open carriage behind the engine. The dog loved travelling. The delightful miniature but powerful real steam Pacific type locomotive whizzed us up the valley being an experience to be savoured. We disembarked wind blown but happy at IRTON ROAD station to begin our walk.

Wonderful views as we progressed along the high ground before descending to Muncaster Mill and the station there. In this painting one of the Pacifics approaches my wife, standing with Pip the collie on the platform.

In previous blogs I have spent much time explaining aspects of my paintings. This time I shall leave you with our experience of a wonderful day out in a lovely place.