Post NO16      In Association with  The bridge over the river Ure at Aysgarth provides the central link of a Z bend.    This image taken by me is just off the bridge on the road before the steeply rising section leading up to the village of Aysgarth situate on the main road up the Wensley Dale.        With riverside vegetation dealt with this location gives arguably the best view of the majority of the upper falls on it’s several levels.       Depending upon recent rainfalls the amount of water cascading over the numerous rock faces varies enormously.      In my image water levels are relatively low making for numerous small flows.

I have endeavoured in the relatively level stretches of the river to keep a resemblance of transparency by using paints with this quality, broken with ripples of white and darks.      Trees are kept light and ‘ frothy ‘ with bare branches breaking into the structure of the falls themselves.     Foreground rocks are kept unfocused so that the viewers gaze will go past these to the main subject matter.          Skyline trees are just showing a hint of breaking into leaf with very light washes over the branches.