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Blog Post No 119.

Now it’s back to the ‘ day job ‘. Rose, my wife is an enthusiastic Bird Watcher and has found for me in the R S P B handbook of British Birds those which ‘nest ‘ on Bempton Cliffs. So :- As the verses I wrote in Blog No 113 the first two verses following were written between midnight and one o’ clock this morning, but now I can’t remember the start of verse three which came to me shortly after and I did not write down ! ! !

From far and wide they come

A glimpse to catch

Of those many aerial flights

The one that all their interests match

Holding binoculars here to watch

Those that nest upon these heights.

Bird watchers many stay

For hours to spot that very one

They hope will turn up

And hopefully may

Feed their offspring while the sun

Shines upon their perfect day.

Here are those far ranging Aerial Wanderers

Those cliffs that rise

To entice

Gannet, Fulmar, Kittiwake

On effortless glide

With Guillemot, Puffin and Razorbill

To rest, nest and multiply.