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Blog Post No 48. As promised in Blog Post No 45 here is the image in full colour. It has taken me some time to sort out how to get the picture to present itself on the screen then get the writing to function following the recent update. But then I am still a learner with digital, again also struggling to assimilate several other new technical techniques, cramming as much as I can into each day.

Now to the painting. Quite an interesting situation. I have done many Leeds City tramway scenes, and when I was contacted by Kingsmead Cards for a Leeds image for that year I suggested that I could convert a just completed summer scene of Boar Lane from City Square into a winter snow Scenario. The change was agreed. So I did it.

Happily the summer version had already been processed so I still have that image.

Boar Lane was the main artery in the centre of Leeds taking all tramway traffic from west to east and visa versa. I add, subtract or reposition the transport. And exchange the version of a tram i e Horsfield for a Chamberlain so the painting is of my conception.

To create the ambience of recently laid snow became the priority without disturbing too much of the original image.