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Blog Post no.151

This is now a historic situation.  The boathouse, presumably standing since the 1920s, was sinking.  This has now been replaced, together with rowing boats and canoes.  Dragon pedaloes now rule the waters.

On this occasion, a rather more complex construction was envisaged before I took the first of three photos, all from the same spot over time.  All these required to create this painting.

I asked my wife Rose to sit alongside the couple already on the bench and waited until the rowing boat arrived at the position I required.  A few days later I returned to the same spot to capture the moored rowing boats.  I would have preferred the canoes but you can’t win them all.

At the times when the above pictures had been taken, the pagoda had been hidden by trees.  Months later, when ice was covering the lake and the trees had shed their leaves, I returned and took the final photo required.

To create the picture took an amalgam of all photos.  I had to reduce the height of the trees to enable me to create more of the top of the pagoda.


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