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Blog Post No 59 Rose and I had many years living in Headingley, and had the the demographics not changed rapidly and drastically, I can’t see any reason why we would have been compelled like so many others,to leave.

One of the easy and pleasant places to visit and enjoy was the riverside at Otley, often going by bus, eventually dropping down to the town on the flank of the Chevin with great views. Then it is a short walk from the centre, over the bridge from where this image was taken.

In the past there were many rowing boats moored at the landing stage, and at this time a small motor launch. The Otley weir ( see Blog Post No 39 ) is just beyond.

To the picture. My main interest in doing the painting was in depicting the disturbance to the surface of the water by the oars of the people doing the rowing. This in comparison with the rest of the river. As far as the composition is concerned, much ‘weight’ on the left hand side is partly balanced by the various boats on the river. As I often say ‘ SMALL things can make a BIG’ difference.

Whilst I am writing this I am not at all unaware of the momentous changes to all our lives due to the virus, and the life and death situation we are all in, especially at my age. But with these Blogs I aim to maintain a semblance of normality where there is none.

It is my hope that my paintings will give you something interesting to look at and my writings with information, some ideas ( if you need them ) to do something for yourself to escape for a little while into the world of art.

I will explain again that I have NO ART qualifications, am TOTALLY self taught, and just an ordinary old guy trying to give pleasure through my wide ranging pictures and pass on any experiences that I have gained. The best of luck in these dark days. I shall be back shortly with Blog Post No 60 .