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Bolton Abbey with it’s large estate is in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire, not to be confused with Castle Bolton which is in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire. This I have painted many months ago and will be posted in due time when I have done the writing or it.

This image is to be found after crossing the river which runs between the Abbey and the foot of this cliff. Most people cross the river over the footbridge but there is an option of crossing by way of the stepping stones when the water is running low. Then it’s up the hillside and the photograph composed from the top of the cliff.

Early Spring, I have endeavoured to make the painting light and airy with the Abbey to stand proud, strong in it’s skeletal and vertical remains.

Trees and tree branches frame this main focus. Tree foliage in the mid background varies from dilute washes to more opaque but lighter markings to lift the gaze upwards to the right. The skyline stand of trees then reaches out to the opposite side, embracing the light pasture.

The strong diagonal branch then closes off this pasture bringing you back eventually to the Abbey via the light, just off horizontal markings in the grass.