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Blog Post No 49. I try to keep these Blogs as varied as possible. So this drawing up and the beginnings of the painting were done some months ago. In the meantime I found it appropriate to use this as discussion material early in the new library art group’s existence. I don’t have a set agenda as I ‘ go with the flow’ and as a group we look at and talk out specific situations as they arise.

The question as to whether to ‘draw up or not’ was already circulating between individuals.

As it happened this image with the back end of our then V W ‘bay window’ camper with myself at the table (taken from a photo by my wife, Rose) and drawn without alteration was outside even my very varied repertoire. Here we have shades of Degas.

As I have a habit of making mistakes the more I write I shall stop here and continue with Blog Post No 49B