Blog Post 49B. I regret having to split this Blog but I was not up to it this morning and did not want to loose what I had done. Please see Blog 49 before you read this. Then I continue :—

As this was an early meeting in the group’s existence only the basics contained in the drawing were explored. The rule of thirds had already been ‘gone into’ at a previous meeting and it was agreed that this image did NOT fit the requirements. But that was O K.

So together we considered the matter and the group quickly ascertained what was needed to be done with a series of ideas. I explained why it was not necessary to draw the upper parts of the trees which was further agreed to be logical. Notice that so far NO answers have been given. Things will be when I Blog the progression of the painting. It’s not difficult but in the meanwhile I like to leave the viewer and reader with some thing to consider if you will.

As all members bring or start their own work at the library, a break of about twenty minutes brings everyone together. Talking and communicating is so important in the socialising aspect of the group. It introduces or reinforces the main points and often brings out other factors for discussion.

It’s drip, drip information. It’s seriously LIGHT HEARTED and we have lots of amusement. We have doubled our membership to the maximum that the library space can allow. So far so good ! ! !