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Blog Post No 136

A WINTER ( snow ) scene has been painted and based

In this well known location and latterly placed

In this long series and now to be seen.

At Blog Number seventy one which still can be traced

Found, and compared with

This SUMMER companion, time gone it has been.

You say it’s the same scene

But what else has it got

Location’s the same

But the TIME it is not

Just look at the TRAMS for you to discover

Some open to Weather, other Top Cover.

Boots in the heat of the SUMMER sunshine

Grows large it’s many sprouting sunblinds

Boots in the cold WINTER weather with snow

Sports winter treasures for you only to know

You see for yourself what this artist can do

To these scenes made up and portrayed only for you.

COVID 19 is at it again

So be extra careful

And all the time

Keep in mind STAY SAFE