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Blog Post No71 This is another of the commissions for Kingsmead Cards, see Blog Post No 48. This also had been preceded by a Summer version but in this case much alteration had to done to the Boots building, starting with the removal of the large Sun Blinds.

A completely different scenario was created for the activity going on in the street. I had previously created the item of the the waiting horse drawn cab with the child feeding the animal, so I thought that this would be good for the foreground.

As I decided to have open top trams, the date had to be prior to 1905 as this was the the time when the top decks started to be partly enclosed.

Loved doing the raised and elaborate Boots Signage, then added Christmassy paraphanalia to the building. Then it was just a question of adding the SNOW wherever needed and popping in all the people ‘ doing their own thing’.

We are now in the fourth week of lockdown for coved-19 and apart from the very slow and short walks, sometimes having to use two Leki walking poles into the grass land opposite the house, we have only been out of the house and garden about four times for shopping.

Having been given back my life by the ministrations of NHS wonderful surgeons, doctors and nurses in the Scarborough and York hospitals from my cancer in 2015/16, l am in awe of what they are having to do in this present crisis.

Let us be so grateful that we have such dedicated professionals going into personal danger to help total strangers in their hours of great need.

May all viewers keep safe. Please keep viewing as I have many more images to show and words that I want to write