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I can remember this scene ( but not from this angle ) as if it was yesterday. Regrettably it almost a lifetime ago.   In 1949 I would have been eleven.  On a Friday evening after visiting my grandparents we would wait for the No 4 Kirkstall tram in the covered reservations in the middle of Briggate between the two sets of tramlines.

Mind you the trams being an essential part are but only part of my painting as the city buildings hold their own fascination.   In those days buildings black with  accumulated soot obscured some fine carvings now restored to their original magnificence.

As a child waiting in these tramway barriers on a windy night, awestruck as these dark buildings took on the bouncing light from the large shaded street lights swinging from suspended and swaying overhead wires.    This created a light and dark dance on their multifaceted surfaces.   Magic and atmospheric standing in the narrow metal tramway barriers listening to the gusts of wind and for the music of the electric overhead tram wires as the No 1 Lawnswood or our No 4 Kirkstall tram descended Briggate.

And to complete the thrilling nature of the situation we would board the tram very unusually at the drivers end.