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Blog Post No 89……….I am now in a situation never imagined whereby there about 120 images posted on a website which was never envisaged. So again ‘ now ‘, apart from images that I am holding back to Blog at a later date, I am and shall continue to trawl for pictures to provide a continuing variety of interest.

Whilst in the 1980/90s I was often referred to as ‘ The Tram Man ‘ it was the whole experience of being in Leeds in the tramway era which was such a strong drive to my referencing of that time, and my reconstructive paintings.

And the buildings, then ( black with years of soot and grime ) as important as the transport.

Years after the trams were gone, I captured aspects of Leeds on film, and this ‘ roofed over ‘ street, one of these. It was the multicoloured glazed roofing and end panels which inspired this image.

But finding a good location to create the atmosphere of the place as well took a little while. This is the cafe area looking towards Briggate.

Painted in an impressionistic style, placing the coffee aficionados in context with their immediate surroundings and the soaring columns, walls and ceiling. I really liked the imaginative way the whole area had been conceived and created.

Stay safe