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Blog Post No 152

This location is now part of the area know as the Victoria Quarter in the centre of Leeds. It includes County Arcade ( a painting of which l also created many years ago ) Cross Arcade, and this arcade which is a roofed over Queen Victoria Street.

I am aware of the time since my last Blog, but a great deal of time has been taken up with the total reorganisation of my website with help of my new web designer and efforts to create a sales situation involving rather complicated ( to me ) with a printing and despatch organisation. This is ongoing and which I shall come back to as soon we get this set up. It will still take a little time.

Mike my designer and much more has now given me the know how to have published my first entry on Facebook and this will eventually be the norm but with contact with these blogs for information and comment. I have also with help from Mike to joined two Leeds historical groups which have been showing some very interesting material.

If there is anyone out there who has not given up on my blogs, please keep faith as it should shortly start to become mote interesting.

Please keep on STAYING SAFE