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It seems – and is many years ago whilst living in Leeds that Rose and I were fit and able enough to get to places such as this. A bus into town from Headingley, and then a train to Marsden where the Huddersfield Narrow Canal disappears into the northern portal of the Standedge tunnel.

From Marsden we take a bus heading over the Pennines.We dismount to start our walk at a high point, then descend to the south portal of the tunnel. Then I remember a lovely sunny walk down past locks newly restored from their long decline into decay and disuse.

Just as we were coming into Uppermill this canal boat slowly overtook and presented an interesting COMPOSITION with the sun highlighting aspects of foliage.

Using a cranked painting trowel with oils I gave the application some enthusiasm, mixing paint on the blade and on the painting surface. I still have many tubes of oil paints not used for any years and reminiscing over this I do feel the urge to use them. Providing of course that I can find the room for the drying processes.

By an absolute coincidence a new and different short series of canal journeys was shown on TV the very SAME evening as this was drafted 18/11/2019.This first one by Robbie Cumming from Marple to Huddersfield was in my opinion off beat informative and very interesting. From Uppermill to the south portal it traced our walk from so many years ago, One sequence gave almost the exact spot of this image.

From the northern portal, sequences of the programme gave us many glimpses of the many different walks we did walking towpaths. Lovely reminiscences, thank you Robbie.