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Blog Post No 74. This well preserved castle is situated between Leyburn and Aysgarth Falls. During several visits we found the attached village street with it’s old houses of considerable interest.

I took this image from the slope below the castle alongside this hedged field to give the maximum architectural presence. Using the autumnal colours of yellows, oranges and reds for the vegetation, l carried this colouration part way up the castle walls to relieve the stone colours, and unite this with the field.

It seems surprising that despite the overwhelming bulk of the castle buildings, ones gaze is still drawn to the visitors, one with a white coat and one in RED about to go past the bushes. I keep on repeating that ‘ a SMALL thing can make a BIG difference ‘ ! !

And the dark trees in the left background accentuate the Light stonework of the castle.

Keep Safe and if you can keep busy