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Blog Post No 57 Turning North of the A 170 at Keldholme near Kirbymoorside a relatively short way brings you to the tiny village of Hutton-le-Hole. Now following a day of coronavirus restrictions, I can’t say what will be open or not, but there will be found the very interesting Rydale Folk Museum, much of which is in reconstructed old buildings within the grounds.

This image shows the centre of the village with children playing in the stream. Some reconstructive work to give the painting a more modern forceful presence, was done after some consideration of the original straightforward version. A vigorous, robust approach was performed on the trees, and ‘gestural’ strokes define the geometry of the left bank. As usual all the people are occupied in their various pursuits, or just sitting.

Apologies, but I couldn’t resist using the word ‘gestural’ following my comments to the art group !

Voluntarily, with reluctance the Newby and Scalby (Scarborough) library art group decided to stop meeting for the duration, days before the library itself is to close temporarily for the same reason.

I, and all members of the art group would like to thank again the Trustees and library volunteers for their help in the formation and assistance throughout. And we all look forward to the happier day in the future when there will be the resumption of our sociable, interactive group in the premises of this lively library.