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Blog Post No 58 Hi M this is for you. The original has no watermark.

When I received several months ago from my nephew a request to do this, you might imagine what my initial reaction might have been. Very busy as I have been for some considerable time learning about computers and digital from scratch, to be now up to Blog No 58 with many more to come, this rested on the back burner for a little time. Eventually with many misgivings – All those straight lines- Detail- and Time, I got the show on the road.

I did make use of the painting in it’s preparatory stages, to run through how to find a vanishing point which is off the image with our newly created art group, and discuss other matters concerning it’s creation. Much later it was used again following completion.

Prior to the latter details were sorted out and painted in stages, over time I eventually had to resort to Impressionism to cope with the bogies as there is so much detail. It seems to have worked, having been given the O K by the few people who have been shown it. My only addition is the single person on the platform !

The train is now ready to depart.

Towards the end I was appreciating what had been accomplished, just about enjoying the experience, and so glad that my experience of many years ago had not deserted me after the passage of time and my illness.

As my nephew will not be travelling to collect the painting for some weeks, I am using the Blog to give him a preview. I hope everyone who logs in will appreciate it too.