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Post NO 25. This Composition is completely different from ‘ North Landing ‘ from the car park. The first consideration for this painting was to encompass the cove with the cliffs at both sides in view. And now that there are so few cobles still remaining is to fill the foreground space.

It was important that the mast was kept clear of the cliffs giving an essential vertical to the scene. I can assure the reader that this scenario, as all my others is carefully considered which is why my wife,Rose is positioned descending the steps on the right. This provides one of my ‘ stop ends ‘ preventing an exit to the edge of the picture and also using the figure as another vertical.

The Coble is loading for the next trip, but as there was only one working I waited at the same spot and filmed it again returning which also added interest to that space. More people were added to those already there.

Notice can be taken of the detail in and around the two foreground boats and the strata and tide lines on the cliffs.