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Blog Post No 94 …………It seems like a lifetime ago since Rose and I did this walk and I took this photo. Obviously I could not have taken the image AND be one of the two walkers portrayed, Rose as always being the one ‘ in frame ‘, I having added MYSELF in the process of painting ! Obvious really, but I thought it would clear that up !

Just a typical Dales scene with the barn and trees with rising ground as a backdrop. Sort of an L shaped COMPOSITION with the walls continuing out to the right. AND in this instance no trees or shrubs to prevent the gaze continuing out of the painting to imagine what is out of sight further up Wharfedale.

Looks like early Spring on a cool breezy day with the world and the trees starting to awake, The old barn being a reminder of how life used to be in days of yore.

Complicated days at the moment. Do stay aware and keep safe


P S …I do very much appreciate all your continuing interest in these Blogs and hope that my writings help to give an insight into the substance of the varied paintings. Being divorced from face to face contact with my digital tutors it is difficult to proceed with things I have in mind at this time.

I shall communicate improvements to you if I can make them happen in due time. In the meantime I have many more images to process, write about and Blog. Please keep on logging in.