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Blog Post No 33. I am revisiting this scenario from Collection 3 of my website. An extended observation in a Blog that I can now produce and Publish myself. This image is slightly cropped to a 4 : 3 format.

A sunny day on a crowded beach with many people enjoying themselves on the sands and in the sea. The main focus of attention are the three striped deckchairs in the fore ground, two occupied, the last strewn with towels and belongings awaiting the return of it’s occupant.

I love doing busy scenes. On the beach it is the juxtaposition, not only of the many things going on, but also the positioning of the groups, large and small, and the spacing and flow of the open sandy areas which are important.

Even as already mentioned this image has been slightly cropped it but still includes coming in from the left, a man and his boy defining the limits of the painting on that side. And two people talking on the extreme right helping to prevent the gaze exiting on that side. This is a device that I use with various permutations in many paintings.

The diminishing size of the people take the focus to the pier and lighthouse in the background which closes off the rear of the scenario. As it is low tide the replacement Coronia is moored at the outer pier awaiting further custom for trips around the bay.

For me paintings like this are about trying to create the right ambience, and creating people that look real and comfortable in ‘ doing the thing that they are doing ‘ but without too much detail which would stop any action.