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Blog Post No35 This painting is a very infrequent change from working with or translating photographs. Here I am working ‘ en plein air ‘ at the Keswick Caravan and Camping Club site which borders the edge of Derwentwater. A watercolour completed at one session sitting by the lakeside.

Clearly this painting identifies the difference between the simple outdoor created composition and my usually more complex images. It follows the often used compositions of a foreground beach, water, then hills or mountains in more diluted washes as they recede into the distance.

Painted probably in the 1990’s I cannot say with any certainty how I organised it’s progression. It does look as if there was coordination of some colour in the foreground beach with the mountains which means that they would have been painted using the same mixes at the same time. My usual method of painting on the whole surface at one time.

The dramatic dark area of sky was probably created firstly by lightly wetting the surface with water. Then letting it flow a little, inverting the image to let a light grey wash percolate skywards. A darker mix is added at the top of cloud whilst still damp.

Why I did not use this same mix at the same time on the waters as I would now, could have because working ‘ en plein air ‘ was a ‘ one off ‘ and I was concentrating on ‘ one thing at a time ‘ However yellow from the foreground was incorporated in the sky.

The addition of the red sailed boat gives the focal point and recession to a hopefully atmospheric painting.