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Blog Post No79…….. The most important thing that I bang on about constantly as in this image is COMPOSITION. So I am going to look at this painting with some care. Get that wrong and it won’t work.

Compared with most of my paintings, in this one there are few elements and they need to be placed in harmony. The two boys obviously are the main focus of attention, and they both need to be offset from the posts on the breakwater.

To make this point we all have seen pictures of people, say with a lamp, a tree or some other thing sticking out of the tops of their heads !

And the addition of the breakwater with it’s vertical posts and horizontal slats plus an opening, all at different levels are an essential component to add a sense of place and additional interest.

Now all my representations of WATER are different as befitting their locations and circumstances.

My last observation will be regarding the two boys. One is sitting and the other is squatting, duly placed in harmony with each other. But on the other hand both are concentrating on ‘ different things ‘. So I try to bring this element to the viewer ‘ what are they each thinking about or intent upon ‘ ?

Painting can be complicated. Try and think things out BEFORE you start to work and things could turn out better. …..Stay safe