Post no 6 Paintings from Photos
By Pete Lapish
Famous Photo by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe
Dock End Whitby North Yorkshire 1880
I have been an admirer of F M Sutcliffe for many years and his pioneering photographic works. Fortunate to be given permission by Michael at the Sutcliffe gallery in Flowergate Whitby to interpret his image in colour. The black and white photo I worked from is purchased from the gallery.
In my rendition it is my intention to create a work which whilst in colour has an indication of age.
In reality however the scene could have been more colourful than I have made it.
Much of my painting life I have been recreating scenarios from the past, mostly city tramway reconstructions always with considerable research.
With Dock End only minor alterations are made to differentiate it from the original.As I think Frank Sutcliffe faded the background to give prominence to the shipping, I have done the same.
It is a great pleasure and privilege to add some colour to the work of a master pioneering photographer dealing with the equipment of his day.

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