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Blog Post No 102 ……….With this image we are delving back into the mists of time as my painting is dated 1982. This was at a time when we had returned to live in Leeds and I was increasingly interested in various aspects of the city as it had been. There was a river, the Aire which ran through Leeds, but for me it was never to be seen, as if it was hiding. In effect, if one lived in the northern part of the city and never had cause to cross the bridges, one did not even know that it existed.

So when I found an image of this location, with all the activity, it seemed too good to be true. As far as I am aware this was taken from Leeds Bridge, with the river barges or lighters, warehouses, dockers and wagons, it is a far cry from what it looks like today.

It was years later when I found ‘ the Dark Arches ‘ with the river flowing underneath the railway station that I realised what was going on ! !

Early days when I was doing this type of work I was applying rough sail canvas onto board with rabbit skin glue. And painting exclusively with oils often using a painting trowel.

Looking at this image after such a time lapse , I am pleased that even at this early stage I was using an interesting range of colour for the distant warehouses.

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