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Blog Post No 143

This is the same image as Blog No 142 but with additions and amendments. Before we consider the MANIKIN l need to say a few words. I do not want you to be put off by thinking that this how we will continue to draw but we have to START somewhere.

STARTING something is always the hardest task. This MANIKIN with the information on it is a REFERENCE TOOL to REFER back to when we START ‘ PROPER DRAWING ‘ in Blog No 145. This manikin will give you the MEANS to DECIDE if any figure you are DRAWING is CORRECTLY PROPORTIONED.

Why did I ask you to draw the manikin last time without giving instructions ? It is because it can be useful for you to EXPLORE the situation for yourselves to see what you make of it. Good, Bad or indifferent. If you found it difficult, don’t despair, here are some guide lines to help you have another go, and NEXT Blog No 144 I shall run you through the SEQUENCE of DRAWING when it will become more clear. But by then you will have become familiar with the MANIKIN.

Well we start with the HEIGHT. The HEAD is ONE SEVENTHof the height.

If it helps draw a ‘ BOX ‘ 6 centimetres’ ( cm ) by 14 cm into which the manikin will fit.

Divide the height of the ‘ box ‘ into seven equal sections each 2 cm.

The width across the shoulder is about 3 cm.

START drawing at the SHOULDER and work DOWN.



Rub out and correct if necessary.

Now you can relax and ENJOY the moment if you have got anywhere near. If not RELAX anyway and we will go through the process in Blog No 144. At least hopefully it has been an enjoyable experience and it should get better.

Be careful, the VIRUS is on the MARCH, so