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Blog Post No 142

This image is totally different from anything seen before. It was drawn to help illustrate the penultimate session of the library group where of course I was able to talk about how the session was to progress whereas now I can only write. I had purchased several manikins to use by the group whereas now it is a different situation.

SO Drawing PEOPLE is not that difficult if broken down into sections.

Remember, I am TOTALLY SELF TAUGHT so you might find that my way of showing you how in the FOLLOWING Blogs it is different from the methods of other people. BUT IT WORKS.

Regrettably I have only limited space to give information. There will be a progression.

Now if you wish and without giving you any ideas at this stage try to draw the manikin as seen above. However I have put some markings on the figure which may give you some thoughts. If you are not satisfied with your first attempt try and think where you went wrong and have another go.

Try to remember ( make notes if you want ) where you started to draw and why, how you progressed, what you found easy and what is found difficult.

I suggest pencils hb, b, or 2b, use of a rubber and about A4 size paper or card of any sort.

With my next Blog will explain how I start and why. On that and following Blogs my approach will be to present ideas and ways of doing things, leaving you to explore possibilities and your own avenues of exploration.

DON’T throw away your results as we may return to look at these.

Including PEOPLE in your pictures gives a whole new avenue as to what you can do. Best of luck. Next Blog soon.