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Note – Drawing up is the process of combining material from various sources to produce an image of the final composition.

Looking at this drawing up, I cannot imagine just how long this took me and why I did it in such detail. In the 1980’s I would just have been getting into the city centre tramway scene, collecting reference material, and having enough information to put together a reasonable composition.

This picture continues to the right but has been cropped by me sometime ago to my standard 3:4 format to be used as an example of my methodology at that time. But all this was a waste of effort.

Imagery was all to be transferred to canvas for the creation of an oil painting. Perhaps this was needed to lend realism to the mental image my drawing up had produced.

So interesting. Perspective is there and I was not shy of introducing people even then, but there is so much to rectify in the construction of the buildings in particular.

We all have to start somewhere and build upon that. !