Post 11   York Minster from M&S cafe.

Artistic composition from a photo by  Pete Lapish.   Rose and I get to York less frequently since the cancer.  Previously upon alighting from the bus at Stonebow our first thoughts would be ‘ lets have a coffee at the ‘ M & s cafe ‘,   As soon as I entered the cafe I immediately took note of the large windows at the far end of the room. Always on the lookout for a chance photo from a different and useful location ( this was some years ago ). I think that in front of the window was a telescope mounted upon a stand which incorporated a standing step.

I had gone to York partly to take any useful compositions which may or may not provide useful material to create a picture.So out of my shirt pocket came my small digital camera.   The roofs, timber framed building and  striped canvas coverings to the market stalls together with the the people shopping give an interesting and almost  historical foreground.  And There in the distance towering over the city is the pride of York, the Minster as a backdrop to the composition.

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