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Blog Post No 108………Having walked the distance along Filey beach to reach the start of the Brigg, it is quite a long ‘ walk ‘ , part scramble along the base of the cliff to get to this point. Then the base rocks ( the Brigg ) continue out to sea for some distance. There is absolutely no way that I could get there now !

The photo from which this painting is derived was probably taken C 2010. There is considerable distortion with distance. Scarborough, across the bay is much enlarged from reality. However bringing this forward towards us creates a more interesting picture. ( In my opinion ).

The end of the cliff gives a powerful ‘ stop ‘ to the left. And a huge contrast to the slabs of rock constituting the main focus of the image.

This is a typical L shaped COMPOSITION. We just can’t get away from the importance of composition. !

Without the two visitors gazing seawards towards the now not so distant Scarborough, the picture would not be complete. They were actually there, being the two minor verticals which just continue offset to the vertical of the Scarborough castle.