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Blog Post No Sixty A milestone for me as I never thought that I would get this far. I am not going to make any comments at this stage about this poster but please note that this is in the Cafe Zone, not with the Real artists. This image is my created poster, not the official one !

The image is of the Interior of Leeds Kirkgate Market.

I now wish to continue from Blog Post No 59 as the world is a different place today. After a brilliant five months start our library art group have had to call a hopefully temporary halt to he actual meetings.We have all gelled so well together, growing in confidence and ability which we do not want to loose.

So by the use of the telephone and gradually digital communication, within the week we ( the experienced ones which does not include me ) are already trying to organise keeping in touch, talking which has been the lifeblood of the group, and coordinating artistic expression whilst self isolating. More of this in following Blogs as they happen.

I am so appreciative of the many hundreds of hits to this site, over the past few months. By fronting my paintings and and giving various explanations about where I have been and what I do, it is trying to give out ideas of what might be possible. Especially now in this new world, if anyone out there thinks it is a way of easing isolation and giving mutual motivation give it ago !

Blogging at the moment is the only way I know of communicating, and for me ( a digital beginner ) even with all my explanatory flow charts, it is complicated but is a steady and enjoyable task. I have tried the F way but can’t get my head around it. And now I am isolated from my advisors apart from phone or digital so my learning process will be much slower. I can’t even find messages which may have come in so please accept my apologies for any responses I might otherwise have made. I am much aware and trying to sort this.

Please spread the WORD. I shall be back with Blog Post No 61 soon.