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Blog Post No 84………This is one of three paintings for the boardroom of chartered accountants Price Waterhouse.

This publicity photograph is of myself with partner in charge at the time, Keith Rawcliffe standing in front of ‘ Leeds Looking West ‘ which was taken from a vantage point in a Leeds tower Block. The other images were ‘ Leeds Looking East ‘ from the same height.

The same picture in black and white including just me was married to feature in in the YORKSHIRE POST entitled ‘ High Way to a Cityscape ‘ on Thursday January 29 1987. A lifetime away ! ! !

I heard on the ‘ grapevine ‘ years later presumably when changes were made to the boardroom, the paintings were offered to Leeds City Art gallery. They were refused !

The paintings were sold privately.

Carry on. More information on the television early this morning, changes seem to be in the air.

Keep safe