Collection 2


Whitby East Cliff

One of my favourite paintings. 

I like colour and the works of the Impressionists.

Living in Scarborough, Rose and I visit Whitby frequently and have found several locations which give access to interesting situations. 

The mast which is no longer there together with the end of the cliff gives a vertical stop to the left, and the one hundred and ninety nine steps to the Church and Abbey to the right.

The Pier continues the diagonal of the steps, which with the water gives movement to the foreground

 Racehorses going to the Gallops, Middleham 

There are several racing stables in Middleham and strings of horses can be heard approaching and quickly appearing from different directions.

I was requested to photograph and paint horses and riders going to and from the gallops not having any clue about positioning myself to photograph the horses.

I worked out the compositions I wished the cavalcade to inhabit and waited, especially as I only had one shot with the camera. Eventually with some fleetness of foot and much luck this was accomplished.

As I have only painted one scene with donkeys on the foreshore at Scarborough the problems of working this picture with thoroughbreds were in a different league. 


Deltic ‘Alycidon’ Powering Away from Goathland

An expansive view, Goathland with a string of shadows contributing to the atmosphere.

Painting a diesel locomotive, even one as pugnacious and iconic as this is not all that easy, and to make it look as if it is powering away another problem.

So I created the exhaust gasses to burst upwards and then dissipate through the branches of the tree.

As I am prepared to tackle many subjects it means that I have to solve many situations without the experience of being a subject specialist. 

Waiting for the next tee.

I like to experiment with various sporting activities to create a sort of ‘Modern Art’.

Only played golf twice by invitation, by a young lady.  I do brag about my hole in two, but not the rest, between I think about five to nine per hole !!! 

Mick my friend and computer guru chose this image and created the title.  I did not understand it at first – Tee- Tea- see Muker.

Time for tea Muker Swaledale.

A play on words – Tea and Tee. 

A good day out when stopping at Hawes (Wensleydale).

Over the buttertubs pass into Swaledale.  Turn left, coffee at Thwaite and then down the dale where at the small pretty village of Muker is the “Tea Shop”. 

Visitors were taking the tea..

Popping in a man and his dog on the right created a balanced composition.

Spa and Bay from Clock Cafe Scarborough.  

The South Bay Scarborough is an attractive sight from many locations. 

In this instance the various elements can guide your gaze around the composition. 

Perhaps starting with the Spa buildings and the foreground, the clock and spire of the cafe point upwards to the foreshore buildings. 

Circling left via the Grand Hotel brings you back to the Spa, and the verticals on the extreme left prevent an exit.    

Have a nice journey!

Decaying Boat Thornham Creek North Norfolk

About twenty years ago we spent several holidays in North Norfolk. 

I was entranced.  The Staithes were so different to anything previously encountered, and those muddy creeks !

At Thornham Creek I came across this decaying boat, slimy mud and a trickle of water-magic.

And another painting challenge.

Early Summer in Swaledale

As we travelled down Swaledale I was always aware that a good subject might present itself. 

Only rarely does one good enough to paint work out. 

Here we had the wall, open gate with half a tractor, hillside fields with one sheep and one lamb. 

Repositioned, with added sheep and lambs coined from my other photos made a viable composition. 



The Station Concourse

Aspects of ‘Railway’ always appeal to me.

Another ‘Modern Art’ concept. 

This is an exercise in perspective with added figures and advertisements reducing in size to add to the illusion. 

Mick my friend and computer guru thinks that the woman in red is just like his Mum. 

Some time ago when I was still having chemotherapy I could not even turn on a computer.

This was an exercise in drawing up and composing which kept me occupied for some time.

Lunchtime Kings Staithe, York

Taken from the Bridge at a busy time with visiting boats tied to the quayside. 

Kings Staithe is a bustling attractive sight on the River Ouse.  

It has all the elements I like to paint, old buildings, crowds of people, boats and water and all arranged in an interesting composition.