Collection 4

Grand Hotel and Beach Scarborough

An Iconic landmark on the Scarborough South Bay.

This image was taken from the Spa promenade and it was important for my composition to include the beach with many people enjoying themselves on the sands, in the sea and on the Foreshore road.

This iconic building of triangular footprint is an exercise in perspective alone, apart from dealing with the bayed frontage, many windows and the four cupolas. 

J15 Arriving at Sheringham Station NNR

In the early 2000’s Rose and I spent several holidays in North Norfolk.

I joined the NNR, the Poppy Line as a volunteer and arranged with members of the management to photograph and paint scenes of the railway.

We were lucky enough to be in Sheringham just as the J15 65462 arrived at the station. Apparently the locomotive was on its first day back in service following several years of restoration.

After sending many photographs for perusal by the management, they asked me if they could use the photographs for printing only, which I agreed to.

This is a painting done but never sent.

Circumstances changed. We moved house and regrettably have not been able to visit Norfolk again.

Fountains Abbey from Studley Royal

As it states in my introduction I am totally self taught. 

Even after forty years or more doing artwork I am still experimenting and I had no idea whether this painting would work.

Now using images I took many years ago, I am finding ways to deal with the subject matter and give it a ‘Modern Twist’.

And with colours which would not have been considered appropriate at an earlier time. 

Negotiating Top Lock Todmorden


Many happy hours have been spent walking miles along the Rochdale Narrow Canal towpath, before and after its restoration.

What Joy when it reopened for navigation.

This scene depicts a narrow boat entering the repaired Todmorden top lock in an easterly direction.

Sunshine brings out the colours and creates  the contrasts and shadows which can add so much to enhance the picture.

However, in this case I deliberately did not deeply shadow the nearside of the barge in order to keep maximum colour density on the focal point of the picture.

In art all rules are there to be broken if necessary. It’s not a crime !

This view is now historic for, if my memory serves me, a new and different type of lock gate has since been installed.


Market Day Moreton-in-Marsh, Cotswolds

Before I became very ill, travelling south to visit family, we often broke our journey by staying at the excellent Caravan Club site here.

Visiting interesting places in the Cotswolds, I painted several locations, many accepted by the Cotswold Gallery in Stow-on-the-Wold. 

The market here is an interesting location, with the Morgan passing at the opportune moment a bonus.

The large shadow in the foreground creates a counterpoint to the well lit scene and hints at the buildings casting it.

In 1958 as a senior aircraftsman Pete Lapish, air wireless mechanic, usual job servicing Vulcan bombers, I was stationed at Moreton for two weeks before demobilisation. I was being trained to be a fireman. (Don’t Ask) It would have been amazing then to be aware that by the 1990’s I would know this town and the Cotswolds quite well.

Paddy’s Hole near Redcar.

Just north of Redcar past the closed down steel works is a ‘mole’ jutting out of the south bank of the Tees.  Part way along the roadway, not easy to spot on the left, is a gem of an old harbour created for the fishing community. 

When there, the abandoned boat, the old shacks and activity by the boatman in the water proved irresistible. 

I was unsure about risking the sunken rowing boat bottom right but I think I pulled it off !!

Walls, Gate and Fields, Gunnerside Swaledale

Further east down the dale from Muker is the small hamlet of Gunnerside.

There are many field gates, stiles and squeezes in the Dales, some so tight that it can be difficult to negotiate them.

I love the stone walls, so cleverly constructed with great travail, and with no binding material.

I never use black, so the wall colours are mainly blue, white and ochre with the dark spaces a mixture of ultramarine and crimson alizarin. I used to wonder how such colours could work in a painting such as this, but they do !

The darks in a painting are needed to help accentuate the brights, in this instance the fields and the foreground grasses.


Here we have shades of Kandinsky.

This is in fact an exercise in escapism where one can let the writing tool wander where it will.

Then having taken time to survey the results, the shapes created and the spaces left, gradually ideas begin to form.

Once satisfied, it is time to decide firstly the background colour and the other colour combinations for the various elements.



Coble Trips North Landing Flamborough

Once so familiar on the Yorkshire coast there are now very few cobbles left. Only three were pulled up the steep slipway on the day I photographed this one and the dinghy.

To create the image I wanted I took the single coble giving trips whilst taking on its holiday makers. Then I waited to take another photo of the same coble as it returned in the cove.

North Landing just above Flamborough Head is a delightful inlet surrounded by cliffs with a good car park and cafe.

Locomotion, Beamish

We have visited Beamish open air museum in County Durham two or three times many years ago.

A transport of delights. Trams to go on and ancient trains.

In this instance I think that the coal mine was in the background which is appropriate as the purpose of this machine was to haul Chaldron wagons.

When watching all the interconecting rods working there was a magnetic elegance, a symphony to the whole procedure.

The friends watching must have been fans too.