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Blog Post No 69 This is an update on Blog Post No 7. When a good image to photograph arises I do not analyse it, I size it up, take several hand held shots to choose the best, and get on with our walk.

It is only now that I have to write about the painting that I am scrutinising it to make sense about what I have achieved, and perhaps help viewers in their own endeavours.

I have just realised that the picture is divided into two parts. My immediate gaze is diverted and directed to and past the barrier or gate to the tail end of the Strid. ( in this case a passage of rough waters over a stoney section of river ). The river then continues it’s curving course downstream towards the distant horizon.

This is almost a picture within a picture, it’s boundaries contained by the near walls and trees, and the sloping banks on the right with it’s cohort of small trees.

The second section of the painting is the sun kissed meadow with it’s treaded footpath leading to Rose still in her RED jacket climbing the style into the next field.

When I had the idea of creating my website, and then continuing with these Blogs, I would have been and now still am , amazed at where this is leading me to ! ! ! However I am finding it very interesting as to what I am learning in these exercises, and hope that some will find it interesting too.

Keep safe in these difficult times