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This is another painting from the 1980’s. Living in Leeds this was a popular and relatively easy place to get to. I am never quite sure whether to call this Grassington Weir or Linton Weir as it sits at an almost eqidistance from both.

I can tell immediately that this is is not a recent work. Whilst it is not that ‘BAD’ there are a number of ways that improvements could be made. I go through these to assist all ‘ out there ‘who are coming to grips with painting.

1…..The first and most important thing is that the COMPOSITION is O K……….2 Next, my gaze goes immediately to the bright green meadow across the river………3 But this is not the main subject which is the banking of the WEIR and should be far more outstanding in colour……4 The children standing I would now give more prominence.

5…..I t seems to be that I was probably using BLACK for the DARKS. I have explained previously using, say ultramarine and a dark red, nearly black can be achieved with much variation especially with a small amount of white or any other colour. Just experiment, I do. If it goes wrong a lesson has been learned for next time.

I have been painting in various ways for about fifty years and am still experimenting and learning. It never stops !

There is more that I could say but I am typing left handed due to my shoulder previously mentioned and shall have to call it a night.

Just look at the painting and decide what other improvements could be made. It’s a good exercise.

Lock down easing but make sensible decisions and STAY SAFE