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Now that I am enjoying creating verse, I intend to blog various images again with this method of communication. Don’t think that I have run out of more images to post. That is far from the case. I shall leave on the original posting, in this case No 61. I hope that you will excuse and enjoy my new way of doing things.

This waterfall 

In cleft so small

Is entered magic through

A pub

To surprise of all.

You pays your fee

Gives chance to see

Gets to where we gaze at last

This gap caused by waters past

Now for you to see.

And here the travelled waters plunge

To crash into the pool at last

To look upon them from on high

Are serrated cliffs from which flowed

Many waters from that distant past.

And here we see

Rose posing to create

That focal point which we need

And give scale to those cliffs

Which still frown down upon that leap.

I shall be back shortly with new images

Especially now