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Blog Post no 61. This is the first Blog with more limited wording due to the reasons set out below.

This waterfall about two miles from the village of Hawes is on private land accessed through a pub where a fee is taken. In this image, due to the contrast between sunlight, shade, and the confines of the situation, the photography proved a problem.

I would have liked more length of tree and more space at the base, but this would have reduced the impact of the fall. Placing my wife to give scale to the elements within the picture is crucial to the outcome.

Now, due to the onset of the coronavirus, and the recent diagnosis of a calcium build up in my right shoulder which has been giving me pain for some months, this and future writings will be directed more towards the image , and shorter than of late.

I shall be doing some one finger LEFT hand typing so mistakes may occur. But I have been doing some trawling of images and have even more passable ones than previously thought. This is one of them.

Being in ā€˜ lockdown ā€˜ is certainly a drag, and I find that for me keeping busy with some variety of activity within the home is the best way of getting through through the day.

Stay safe