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Blog post No103…….Living in Headingley at the time, it occurred to me that I should photograph a cricket match in action to create a painting. Obviously the stand behind the action would be a major part of that image.

This picture taken by me possibly in the 1990’s shows the bowler running in and bringing up his right arm preparatory to delivery. The batsman by his side is ready to see if a run may be possible.

The batsman receiving is just visible behind one of the fielders, accentuated by the running up marks created by bowlers from that end on the grass. Both batsmen are wearing dark red caps.

In hindsight it would have been better if I had taken the photo slightly to the right of where I did. This would have given a complete sighting of the receiving batsman and the field of play. As it was l was probably concentrating too much on getting the bowler in action.

Well it was a long time ago and I might as well make some kind of excuse ! ! !

I used created grass mowing marks to give give recession-to the field of play.

New rules to get your head round……..STAY SAFE