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Blog Post No 44 This image like others derives from 35 mm images on transparencies taken by myself. I would have waited at the same spot to take several photos featuring different trams in various places. When I came to create this painting an amalgam was made using elements required to make the composition. As RECONSTRUCTIONS of tramways were my ‘stock in trade’ at this time it was my normal practice but using extracts from old photographs.

The completed painting was again photographed on a transparency by me.

Neither Rose nor I could remember the time or circumstances surrounding this visit to Blackpool but it has to be about the 1990’s. Another coincidence, but a few days ago a TV programme featured this Bolton tram in immaculate condition at the Blackpool tram sheds. A date of 1901 was given for it’s original construction presumably then as an open topper.

Behind that tram is an Edinburgh tram in it’s purple with white stripes and further back two Blackpool trams so I have portrayed a ‘ spread’.

No picture of Blackpool would be complete without the TOWER. As well as giving detail to the trams as always I pay attention to buildings and to the tower.

As well as the conductor and people on the Bolton tram there are about twenty and a half ( due to cropping ) persons on the promenade, some taking a keen interest in the vintage transport.

And finally the web of tram sites reached by tram trolley poles to collect the electrical energy required to make them go. I loved the sound made by the bow collectors ( we did not have trolley poles in Leeds ) as the trams approached. Nostalgia. ! ! !