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Blog Number 51

Rose has a date stamp in our National Trust Passport book which tells us that we visited Hilltop on 06/09/ 1995, which really does seem like a lifetime ago. Hilltop is at Near Sawrey , up the hill from the ferry crossing Windermere.

What amazed us even then as we approached the property were the number of visitors from the Far East. Then after walking up the entrance path we were almost expecting to see Peter Rabbit in Mr Macgregor’s garden ! I am a fan of Beatrix Potter for the little story books containing those wonderful pictures, plus what she and others did for the Lake District.

In this painting I have shown the house almost enveloped by the garden. I have taken liberties with the planting of the flowerbeds, but it gives me an excuse to introduce a little Impressionism. The path with a kink in it leads the viewer to the front door, partly obscured by the visitors having a chat.

The farmhouse itself stands solidly almost as a backdrop, with plenty of windows and the squat chimney stacks with triangular covers to the vents needed to stop ingress by the copious rainfall. Dark trees in the background enhance the light colours of the house and foliage.

The atmosphere was nostalgic especially as you were remembering who had lived there.