Welcome to the petelapish.art collection of varied and different paintings. Lapish is pronounced Lay-pish by the way. 

The site will commence with fifty images from a retrospective of works completed over a period of forty years or so. Each picture is accompanied by my writings and observations. These will be added to or changed periodically. 

The images are presented in collections of 10, each showing a variety of styles and aspects of my work.

Inspiration to Paint came after chancing upon the works of the Impressionists, particularly Monet , Pissarro and Sisley.

Being totally self taught I started to work for some years with oils and then learned to deal with watercolours and finally acrylics, which combine the benefits of both. 

With wide interests, railways, city tramways, the coast and harbours, the Dales and West Yorkshire valleys, parks and gardens make an appearance. 

Very many of my works include people, often lots of people. Paintings often also feature water in its many manifestations. Amongst commissions were a series of snowy city transport scenes produced on prestigious Christmas cards for hospital charities, copyrights all returned to me. These will feature later. 

I have given Leeds City Library permission to show on their ‘Leodis’ website 80 of my Leeds city and area paintings, not for sale. Most have been on for over 10 years. Just Google Pete Lapish and then find Pete Lapish ‘Leodis’ or click here.

Period Paintings are NOT COPIES, they are constructed in full colour (with cleaned up buildings) using many black and white prints and much research. A very few of my earliest paintings contain only small detail changes. ‘Modern Art’ is not so modern as I draw inspiration from early 20th Century artists including Kandinsky, Miro and Vlaminck. 

Priorities are always composition, colour and attention to detail but not so much as to arrest any action.  My wife Rose and I have travelled and walked widely, mainly in Yorkshire. With my camera and the help of the sun I compose the varied images which are used in different ways to create finished works. 


There should be no stigma in using a camera as a recording device. David Hockney had a very interesting television programme which detailed a huge change in paintings in the period when lenses were developed. Paintings were much more detailed – AND all the people portrayed LEFT handed. 

Also it is likely that Canaletto and others used the camera obscura. So if its good enough for them, its good enough for us. 

The vast majority of my paintings feature Yorkshire. I always endeavour to promote my home county . Some other areas of the country painted are the Lake District, North Norfolk, the Cotswolds and the Northumberland Coast.

Now in my eighties I am in recovery from cancer and greatly indebted to everyone connected to the Scarborough and York NHS Hospitals for giving me back my life. And to Rose, my wife, who had so much to do for me during my illness. 

Towards the end of chemotherapy still unable to paint, I purchased a computer and by pure chance met my computer guru, Mick Jones. Now a good friend who has taught me all I know and without whom this website would never have come about. 

Whilst I have absolutely no art qualifications I am always ready to talk about this subject, how things come about and what I do in a way that others seem to understand. 

I hope you have enjoyed the paintings on petelapish.art website and view again when more and different work appears.