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Post No. 27. If we did not wish to use our vehicle it was a convenient bus ride to Ilkley from our then home in Headingley. The Tarn is part way up the famous Ilkley Moor above the town. Also a little way from the Cow and Calf rocks. All the various pathways up to it give glorious views both up and down Wharfedale. Much further than I can even dream about walking nowadays !

In this view I have chosen to depict the Tarn looking eastward down the valley of the River Wharfe.

I like colour and always photograph in sunny weather if possible, taking into account where the sun is positioned in respect to the image I wish to photo.

There is a footpath around the Tarn with a couple, one wearing a RED jacket drawing Attention to this and creating a FOCAL point. On this bright, crisp day the sun is creating dark foreground shadows which enhance the richness of the Autumnal colours. Trees and bushes create the verticals, those on the right breaking up the skyline whilst the foreground green upright bush breaks up the Tarn surface and points to the small tree on the left. Both also help to balance the scenario.

The previously mentioned winding path entices the couple and us to slowly walk into the distance enjoying the view, whilst the straight left hand path brings us slowly back.