Post 13    River Wharfe just above Kettlewell North Yorkshire by Pete Lapish.

In collaboration with  A relatively simple composition in comparison with many of my busy and more complex scenarios.This is intended to be an echo of the kind of painting that so attracted me to the style and imagery ( but so much better done by ) Messrs Monet, Pissarro,  Sisley and the other Impressionists which they created mostly outdoors.

This oil painting, a medium which I mostly used in the early years of painting and created about the nineteen eighties using a small painting trowel, a favourite tool of the time.  It was probably done as respite from the time taking tramway and other scenarios that I was increasingly becoming involved with.   I remember that several images were done in this style and gave me a freedom to relax and enjoy the experience.

Whatever colours and white were to be needed are squeezed onto the palette, often taking two or more small dabs of different colours onto the trowel at the same time to be applied and mixed onto the painting surface. The expressive nature of the trowel marks give life and texture to the finished work. Whilst this picture has been lightly cropped to give my 4:3 format for printing purposes my usual criteria for format applies. As I am constantly saying ” small things can make a BIG difference ” a small touch of RED to indicate a walker creates movement, interest and a necessary FOCAL point.  The sheep are also a useful addition in the same context.