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Post No 26. As in so many locations I try to get a different angle on my subjects. In this instance while jetties and waterfront are of great interest I have always found this area quite intriguing. From here there is still a good backdrop of the sunlit lake with it’s complement of small boats and across the water the far shoreline highlighted by the much darker higher ground.

Painted probably about the turn of the century, in retrospect I would have moderated lightened and varied the latter somewhat.

The foreground bathed in full sun gives a range of interest so as not to leave the kiosks on the right to dominate the scene. Whilst the open Ice Cream and Postcard kiosk with the young man making his purchase does draw our gaze to that area, the number of visitors ‘ doing their own thing ‘ and especially the lady on the left walking out of the picture encourages a circuit of the space and helps to balance the bulk of the kiosks.

Then the verticality of the aforesaid lady leads us to the water area and the black and white cafe on the lakeside. And the white sailboat masts lead us further to the far bank of the lake.